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Firmware Upgrade - Daboda HMC-1 & Rapsody N35
  1. Download firmware update-daboda-Vx.xx-xxxxxx.bin
  2. Copy *.bin file into either the internal hard drive, USB memory key, network shared drive (any folder)
  3. Power ON
  4. Locate the drive and folder where the the new firmware is located
  5. Select the *.bin file and press the CHECK button
  6. Follow the firmware upgrade instructions on the TV Screen
  8. Update will finish in about 5 minutes and the unit will restart automatically

Daboda-V3.14-b5-080215 (BETA)

1. bug fix for mp3 file greater than 10 MB
2. added support for .m4a audio format
3. miscellaneous audio bug fixes


1. added support for MAC HFS Plus disk format
2. bug fix for JPEG rotated image
3. added support for BMP and PNG files
4. support upto 15 HDD partitions
5. hide system folders (eg. $RECYCLE.BIN, lost+found, .svn)
6. bug fix for subtitle display function for MPG4 files
7. miscellaneous bug fixes

Daboda-V3.12-071201 (BETA)

1. support for MAC HFS Plus disk format


1. hide OSD (On Screen Display) during AUTOPLAY and next file play for video


1. JPEG support up to 16 mega pixel
2. miscellaneous JPEG bug fix
3. DVI NTSC: 1080p 60
4. DVI PAL: 1080p 50
5. miscellaneous DVD ISO, IFO bug fix

Daboda-V3.06-b4-071017 (BETA)

1. rollback JPG display function - loading time will depend on the size and resolution of JPG file
3. miscellaneous bug fixes

Daboda-V3.06-b1-071012 (BETA)

1. added support for DVI at 1080p output
2. improved JPG function and stability
3. miscellaneous and minor bug fixes


1. bug fix and added stability to JPEG image viewer
2. bug fix for PAL setup value to display properly
3. bug fix for audio play issues for WMV files
4. bug fix for DTS audio issues for various video container
5. activate AUTOPLAY function

AUTOPLAY is a function which allows you to automatically play the media contents within a user designated folder (any folder in the internal hard disk drive, network drive, PC shared folder, USB memory, etc.) upon power on. AUTOPLAY function replaces [PLAYLIST] auto play function.

a. goto SETUP -> PROGRAM -> AUTOPLAY and set option to [On]
b. exit SETUP and find the folder that you wish to automatically play
c. put the cursor on the desired folder to Autoplay and press [GOTO] button on your remote
d. cursor should be on the Check option, press [CHECK] button to set the New Autoplay Folder
e. next time the unit is turned on, Autoplay will play the content of your designated folder automatically


1. add support to access shared folder under Windows Vista
2. add support to show high resolution JPEG files
3. improve AVI play function and response
4. improve video .ts & .tp play at 1080p resolution
5. improve HDD and USB mount and recognition speed
6. improve DVD menu cursor focus
7. bug fix for audio/video sync for certain AVI files
8. bug fix for volume display
9 . bug fix to correct location focus for HOME function
10. allow folders to be sorted
11. bug fix for USB indicator
12. add support for autoplay function - this replaces the PLAYLIST function on the remote and main menu
13. PLAYLIST function on the remote and main menu have been disabled to support Internet Radio Station access
14. miscellaneous bug fix and improvements

NOTICE: 09-18-2007
Please note that from this point forward, we will be posting Daboda HMC-1 firmware to support Rapsody N35. These two devices are identical and the firmware are interchangeable.

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.26-070410

1. add support for OGG Vorbis audio format
2. add support for Czech language
3. add function for auto play of Video_TS folder

Press [PLAY] button on the remote as you select the “Video_TS folder” and “Video_TS.ifo” file will be played automatically

4. bug fix and added support for MP3 ID3 tag for V1 and V2
5. bug fix in setup menu to correct current video setup status
6. bug fix to play MP3 files with album art
7. miscellaneous bug fix and improvements in HD file playback

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.20-070130

1. add function for picture slideshow

a. press SYNC [+] or [-] button on the remote during slide show will increase or decrease slide show interval time respectively
b. press the [CHECK] or [PLAY/PAUSE] button on the remote during slide show will PAUSE the slide show

2. bug fix for .srt subtitle support
3. bug fix for two audio function support (3 second switch time)
4. bug fix in language display for Russian

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.18-061229

1. compatible ODD model for USB Host

- Make: LG, Model: GSA-E10N, Product Name: External Super Multi DVD Rewriter
- Make: HP, Model: DVD840E, Product Name: Super Multi DVD Writer.
- support upgraded version of above model
- CD/DVD tray may not open during play, perform “Refresh” or exit USB selection

2. bug fix for blank HDD symptom under Russian language.

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.15-061103 (BETA)

1. Added support for video files with 2 audio streams. Press the [AUDIO] button on the remote control to switch.

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.14-b5-061025 (BETA)

1. number buttons 1 - 6 on the remote fixed

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.14-b2-061010 (BETA)

1. miscellaneous bug fix
2. assigned auto play function to [PLAYLIST]

- create “playlist” folder in the root directory of the hard disk drive (eg. / disk1/playlist)
- copy the files that you wish to auto play into the “playlist” folder
- pressing [PLAYLIST] button will auto play all the files in the “playlist” folder
- this function can be used without the use of TV monitor

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.13-060908 (BETA)

1. function add for DVD play: [SUBTITLE] on the remote will access available subtitles during a DVD play
2. function add for DVD play: [AUDIO] on the remote will access available audio channels during a DVD play
3. bug fix for smi subtitle and audio sync
4. bug fix for subtitle screen position

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.12-060831 (BETA)

1. bug fixe for screen and video aspect ratio (letter box, pan/scan, 16:9)
2. reduced overall file buffering time.
3. bug fixe for 16x and 32x Fast Forward for (.avi files by pre buffering info)

Rapsody N35 Firmware V1.00.b1

_____________________ NDAS SUPPORT PROGRAM _____________________

Windows Vista

NDAS Driver V.3.20 - 64Bit Windows

Windows XP, 2000, 2003 NDAS Driver V.3.20 - 32 Bit Windows
Mac OS 10.5X NDAS Leopard Installer V.1.8.1
Mac OS 10.4X NDAS Tiger Driver V.1.6.9
Mac OS 10.2.8 - 10.3.9 NDAS Panther Driver V.1.6.2

Note to Mac OSX users: You can use Mac HFS+ format using V3.12 and later

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